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Questions to Ask

Questions For Your Radiation Oncologist
About Radiation Therapy

  • Do the physicians in this office have experience with both external beam treatment and seed implants?
  • Is three-dimensional (computer-generated 3-D view of the prostate) or conformal (targets the radiation to the prostate) treatment planning offered at this facility?
  • Are the radiation oncologists working with me board certified in their specialty?
  • How many brachytherapy procedures (seed implants) have the physicians in this group done, and how many times a week do they do them?
  • Does this radiation therapy center participate in clinical trials?
  • Is there always a physician nearby while the external beam treatments are being given?
  • If external beam therapy is given, how many treatments are recommended and over what time period?
  • What kind of side effects may result from each type of radiation therapy?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of getting radiation therapy instead of surgery or another treatment?
  • Can an operation, or some other treatment, be done after radiation therapy in case it doesn't work?


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