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Questions For Your Primary Doctor or
Urologist if Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

  • What is the Gleason score of my cancer?
  • Can you feel my tumor with your hands?
  • How aggressive is my cancer? Is it going to spread in months? Years? How many years?
  • Is my cancer confined to the prostate? What is the probability that my cancer has already spread beyond the prostate?
  • Do I need further X-rays such as a bone scan, CT, or MRI to determine if my cancer has spread?
  • Do I need treatment right away?
  • What are all the treatment options available to me? Radical Prostatectomy? (surgery) What are the risks and benefits?
    • Radiation Therapy? What is the difference between external beam and seeding? What are the risks and benefits of each?
    • Cryosurgery? What are the risks and benefits?
    • Hormone Treatment? What are the risks and benefits?
    • Observation? What are the risks and benefits?
  • What are the possible side effects of each treatment?
    • How will the various treatment options affect my sex life?
    • What are the chances that I will have problems with incontinence or impotence?
    • What are precautions that can be taken to avoid problems
  • Am I a candidate for clinical trials? Do you participate in any clinical trials in this office?


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FPCN's information should not take the place of the advice from your doctor."