Fighting Prostate Cancer Together


Buccaneer Keenan McCardell and the Florida Prostate Cancer Network-Team UP to “ Catch it Early”

Tampa, Florida- December 15, 2003 -- A precise route-runner and sure-handed veteran receiver who is regarded as one of the NFL’s most productive wide receivers, Buccaneer Keenan McCardell has designated Florida Prostate Cancer Network (FPCN) as the charitable beneficiary of his Keenan McCardell “Performance Donation Program.”
McCardell, #87 of the 2002 World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has teamed up with FPCN to help raise awareness about prostate cancer, the most diagnosed cancer (non-skin) in Florida and the importance of “Catching it early” through prostate cancer screening.
Prostate cancer is a silent killer.  By the time it shows symptoms, it’s often an advanced disease.  But when detected early, it can be treated successfully and lives can be saved.
McCardell will donate funds based on the number of passes caught and touchdowns scored during the 2003 NFL season to the FPCN.
  •  For every touchdown scored by Keenan McCardell during this  (2003-04) season $500 will be donated to FPCN.
  •  For every pass caught by Keenan McCardell during this (2003-04) season $100 will be donated to FPCN.

The Florida Prostate Cancer Network is a model state coalition; its programs include a speakers’ bureau, counseling programs, support groups, educational forums, community health fairs, a newsletter, a Web site, and an active volunteer workforce. FPCN reaches out to men and their families throughout the state not only to provide support to cancer patients and their families, but also to bring awareness of the vital importance of early detection.


For More Information Contact:
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