Fighting Prostate Cancer Together



March 11, 2002 -- The Florida Cancer Education Network (FCEN), based in Tampa, FL, has a new name: the Florida Prostate Cancer Network (FPCN).  Now focusing solely on prostate cancer, the non-profit organization changed its name to better reflect its mission.

Robert Samuels, a retired banker and prostate cancer survivor, founded FPCN in 1997.  Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994, Samuels was frustrated with finding information on prostate cancer, its treatments and others fighting the disease that strikes nearly 200,000 men annually. The most common form of cancer in Florida, prostate cancer claims the lives of 30,000 men every year.

“I started FPCN so that other men would not have to go through this disease alone,” says Samuels. “With awareness of new non-invasive detection tests, many men can catch the disease early and have a 95% chance of surviving.”

FPCN’s Board of Directors has changed the mission statement to reflect their commitment to helping men in Florida survive prostate cancer. The mission of FPCN is to advocate the prevention of prostate cancer deaths in Florida by supporting research, promoting legislation, and offering information on early detection, support organizations and current treatment options.

Prostate cancer is the NUMBER 1 diagnosed (non-skin) cancer in Florida.  Almost 14,000 men in the state will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002, and more than 2,000 will die of the disease.  According to the 1998/1999 Florida Cancer Plan, there are no federal or state-funded programs that relate specifically to prostate cancer in the state of Florida.  Throughout the United States, the disease is expected to claim the lives of more than 30,000 men in 2002, and yet prostate cancer receives less than four (4%) percent of all cancer research funding.

Little is known about prostate cancer.

  •  We don't know the best way to diagnose it

  •  We don't know the best way to assess it.

  •  We don't know the best way to treat it.

  •  We don't know how to prevent it.

  •  No cure exists for advanced prostate cancer.

Florida Prostate Cancer Network’s only focus is Prostate Cancer.

FPCN has formulated legislation that is currently being considered by the Florida Legislature. This bill creates a prostate cancer awareness and education program in Florida. Many other states in the nation have such programs funded by the Federal and State governments.

“Right now, Florida is one of the leading states with the most cases of prostate cancer. It is our goal to get Florida much lower on that list,” says Samuels. “And it can be done.”

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