Questions to Ask Your Primary Doctor

Fighting Prostate Cancer Together

Questions to Ask Your Primary Doctor or Urologist if
Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

What is the Gleason score of my cancer?
Can you feel my tumor with your hands?
How aggressive is my cancer?  Is it going to spread in months?  Years?
How many years?
Is my cancer confined to the prostate?
What is the probability that my cancer has already spread beyond the prostate?
Do I need further X-rays such as a bone scan, CT, or MRI to determine if my cancer has spread?
Do I need treatment right away?
What are all the treatment options available to me?
  • Radical Prostatectomy? (surgery) What are the risks and benefits?

  • Radiation Therapy?  What is the difference between external beam and seeding?  What are the risks and benefits of each?

  • Cryosurgery?  What are the risks and benefits?

  • Hormone Treatment?  What are the risks and benefits?

  • Observation?  What are the risks and benefits?

What are the possible side effects of each treatment?
  • How will the various treatment options affect my sex life?

  • What are the chances that I will have problems with incontinence or impotence?  What are precautions that can be taken to avoid these problems

Am I a candidate for clinical trials?  Do you participate in any clinical trials in this office?


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