Guidelines for Visiting with Physicians

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Guidelines For Visiting With Physicians

  The following guidelines are designed to help you more thoroughly understand the information and instructions given to you by your physician.  
Before the visit, prepare a written list of the questions to ask your doctor. Take the list with you to the visit, in order to ensure that all your questions are answered.  
Before the visit, also prepare a written list of the information you want the doctor to know about you.  
If you don't understand something your doctor says, say so.  If you don't speak up, you may follow the wrong advice or take an improper amount of medication.  
Take someone with you when you visit your doctor. Your support person may be able to listen to and understand the doctor with greater objectivity.  
Get a second opinion when a major course of action is contemplated.  
Along with your physician, decide who will make the final decision about your treatment.  
  You should do everything in your power to ensure that your relationship with your physician is as trouble-free as possible.  


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