Fighting Prostate Cancer Together

Photos Taken During the Legislative Workshops

Purpose of Legislative Workshops

In response to the alarming rise in prostate cancer, FPCN sponsors workshops to shape a legislative agenda.  Prostate cancer survivors and their spouses, physicians and concerned citizens from across the state come together and agree that their priority issue of concern is public education.

When we increase awareness of the risk factors and tests abailable for prostate cancer, men can make informed decisions about screening.  Plus, because 95% of prostate cancer is curable if caught early, we can save thousands of lives. 

In order to do this, the State Legislature must recognize the issue and allocate funds to make this work possible.  Take a look at these photos and see what we do in the workshops and join us at the next one.

Tampa Legislative Workshop: October 19, 2002


Miami Legislative Workshop: November 9, 2002

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