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What you don't know can kill you!


General Norman Schwarzkopf says,

"This was one of the most difficult battles I ever fought." If you have prostate cancer or know someone that does, join General Schwarzkopf and thousands of others to fight this disease together.

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"You have prostate cancer..."

Those were the most chilling words I'd ever heard,: says prostate cancer survivor and FPCN founder Bob Samuels. "When the doctor said that I was shocked, confused, and scared. I knew I had a million questions. I knew my life depended on the answers, but I didn't even know what to ask!"


What We Will Provide

  •   Current prostate cancer information

  •   Quarterly Newsletter

  •   102-page Resource Directory

  •   Videotape Lending Library

  •   Peer Counseling

  •   Notice of Prostate Cancer events
      around Florida and around the

  •   E-mail alerts of news that matters...
      treatment, research, clinical trials.

  •   Health forums

  •   Speaker's Bureau

  •   800 telephone support line

  •   Clinical Trial information

  •   Political Advocacy


The most important benefit FPCN offers is information. Information that can change lives or save a life.


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"I want YOU to join the fight against Prostate Cancer."


Florida Prostate Cancer Network is a Florida non-profit organization
Federal Tax ID 59-3545266
Send us an Email:
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"The information that FPCN provides is general and informative. 
FPCN's information should not take the place of the advice from your doctor."
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