Fighting Prostate Cancer Together

Town Hall Meeting on Men's Health


Held Saturday
September 27, 2003
8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Tampa Convention Center
333 South Franklin Street in Downtown Tampa




·        August 18, crafted pitch letter and sent it out with press kits to: Irene Mayer, News Channel 8; LeeAnn Schrein, Bay News 9; Eve Paulk, 10 NEWS; Vicky Benchimol, ABC 28 Action News; Linda Hurtado, ABC 28 Action News; Joy Petit, ABC 28 Action News; Doug Iten, FOX 13 Tampa Bay; Cindy Simmons, FOX 13 "Your Turn"; Patti Tolliver, WB38; Melissa Dean, WTOG-TV UPN44; Rita Cicarello, WQYK; Ronnie Lane, WQYK 1010 AM; Carmen Radaca, Q105 Country 92.5; Roger Schulman, Mix 100.7; Marc Haze, Oldies 104.7; Susan Thurston, St. Petersburg Times; Dong-Phuong Nguyen, St. Petersburg Times; Donna Koehn, TAMPA TRIBUNE; and Stacey Snow, The Business Journal.

·        August 22, recorded ½-hour public affairs program with Roger Schulman, which aired on Mix 100.7.

·        Prepared Town Hall Meeting Q&A promotional piece.

·        Developed “program purpose” one-sheet for promotion of Town Hall Meeting.

·        Compiled Bob Samuels backgrounder piece for Town Hall Meeting press kits.

·        Wrote generic introductory release on Town Hall Meeting.

·        Prepared fact sheet on Town Hall Meeting.

·        Compiled Q&A and Fact/Figure sheets relative to the disease.

·        LaWanda Byrd advertised the Town Hall Meeting in August and September Moffitt OID newsletters.

·        LaWanda Byrd distributed flyers at Moffitt’s Saks event. 

·        Recorded :30 PSA and :15 PSA with Schwarzkopf in Harmon’s studio via ISDN line, and finished editing and postproduction. West End recording released the spots via MP3 to Tampa Bay radio stations.

·        September 2, sent out SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL PROSTATE CANCER MONTH press release to 86 media outlets: radio, TV and newspaper north to Ocala, south to Ft. Myers and east to Orlando.

·        September 3, got the general’s photo, laid out the Trib ad, Bob revised, we made changes, got the ad to final camera ready, and delivered it to Trib.

·        September 4, Susan Meadows at Moffitt distributed posters and other communications at Moffitt.

·        September 5, issued release regarding Dept of Health’s declaring September National Prostate Cancer Month.

·        September 9, pitched Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk with Prevention and Early Detection story idea to local media outlets.

·        September 11, recorded ½-hour public affairs program with Rita Cicarello, which aired on WQYK 99.5.

·        September 15, distributed press release regarding prclamations and commendation Bob Samuels’ received.

·        September 15, PSA started running on Smooth Jazz 94.1 FM.

·        September 16, article ran in The Tampa Tribune, "'Analysis Paralysis' Hinders Prostate Decisions," by Susan Thompson.

·        September 16, Bob Samuels was live guest on-air with Kathy Fountain on Fox 13’s "Your Turn" during noon hour.

·        September 17, recorded ½-hour public affairs program with Carmen, which aired on 92.5 Country.

·        September 17, Ricky Reynolds was featured on "What's Right with Tampa Bay," with Kelly Ring on FOX 13 6:00 PM news.

·        September 19, 3 col. x 6” ad ran in Tampa Tribune’s Baylife’s Flavor section.

·        September 19, Bob Samuels was live guest on-air with Ronnie Lane, on 1010-AM, The Sports Asylum.

·        September 19, distributed press release on Howes.

·        September 22, 3 col. X 6” ad ran in Tampa Tribunes’ Baylife’s At Home section.

·        September 22, issued Thanks to a grant from AstraZeneca, it’s all FREE press release to media.

·        September 23, distributed Bob Samuels’ editorial piece to media.

·        September 23 through 26, Town Hall Meeting was promoted on "Paul's Places" announcements all hours of day on FOX 13.

·        September 24, the FPCN and the Town Hall Meeting were featured on Irene Maher's Medical Report, on WFLA News Channel 8 5:00 PM news.

·        September 24, announcement appeared in South Tampa News promoting the Town Hall Meeting.

·        September 25, 3 col. x 6” ad ran in Tampa Tribune’s Metro section.

·        September 26, article ran in The Tampa Tribune, promoting Town Hall Meeting, written by Susan Thompson

·        September 27, WFLA News Channel 8 taped package with Bob Samuels at Town Hall Meeting, which aired on noon news.

·        September 27, WB 38 taped package with Bob Samuels at Town Hall Meeting, which aired on 10:00 PM news.

·        September 27, ABC 28 taped package with Bob Samuels at Town Hall Meeting, which aired on 11:00 PM news.

·        October 6, issued post-event release on success of Town Hall Meeting.

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